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Arrival at the Warehouse in Kemerovo CARBO 70

Today, organizations with an advanced attitude to work safety are challenged not only to provide their employees with modern protective equipment, but also to increase their sense of confidence and safety in the workplace. For every industry where there is a risk of an unbreathable atmosphere, including underground use, there is a need for a reliable, high-quality chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer.

CARBO-70 – breakthrough in the industry of respiratory equipment

Presented a novelty among personal respiratory protection equipment (RPE) – an insulating mine self-rescuer CARBO-70.

LLC Trading House “Spasatel” participated in “Safety and Labor Protection” Exhibition (BIOT)

The “Safety and Labor Protection” Exhibition (BIOT) is the main discussion platform in the country for specialists in the field of labor protection and personal protective equipment, manufacturers and suppliers, businessmen and novice specialists.

Fire extinguisher “Guard-3” on sale

A fire extinguishing aerosol generator is often used to extinguish a local fire of the A2 type. It is additionally equipped with a handle for easy carrying and is used to extinguish fires on bulk and local surfaces.

Revolution in the lamproom

On September 17, 2019, LLC Trading House "Spasatel", together with LLC "Abie-S" signed an agreement on the development of an innovative software product for mine lamprooms - "AbieSpas".

Right set up

The South Ural Plant of Rescue Equipment (YuZSO) produces several breathing devices under the DEZEGA trademark. These are the R-30 respirator, the legendary breathing apparatus that has been in service with mine rescue units for several decades, and its newer modification in the P-30EX plastic case, and the P-34 two-hour respirator, and other highly specialized devices for rescue operations.

Stand for imitation of human external respiration

We have created a stand for a wide range of users!

Report on our work within the framework of the VIII International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB-2017

Dear colleagues, we present to your attention a report on our work within the framework of the VIII International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB-2017 in Novokuznetsk.

Opening of the VIII International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB-2017

We inform you about the opening of the VIII International Mine Rescue Conference IMRB-2017! The event will take place from 2nd to 13th  September 2017 in Moscow - Novokuznetsk - St. Petersburg. Mine rescue experts from all over the world will meet in Russia to participate in the International Mine Rescue Conference.