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The South Ural Plant of Rescue Equipment (YuZSO) produces several breathing devices under the DEZEGA trademark. These are the R-30 respirator, the legendary breathing apparatus that has been in service with mine rescue units for several decades, and its newer modification in the P-30EX plastic case, and the P-34 two-hour respirator, and other highly specialized devices for rescue operations.

All breathing devices require periodic inspection. Firstly, some of their nodes are subjected to very serious stress when used: for example, oxygen in a cylinder is compressed with a pressure of two hundred atmospheres. Valves, gearbox, air ducts - all of this should work perfectly.

Secondly, respirators are regularly disassembled and assembled, this is a necessary condition for their use. After each use of the devices, the bags, the respiratory system must be cleaned and dried, the regenerative cartridge must be reloaded, etc. - the entire procedure for a complete respirator check takes several pages in the instruction manual.

The life of a firefighter, rescuer or gas and smoke defender literally depends on how carefully the apparatus is assembled, how "regularly" each of its units will work in an emergency situation, and therefore the lives of the people they have to save. Therefore, the maintenance regulations for breathing apparatus include mandatory periodic checks. The rescuers themselves or the technical staff of the department regularly check the tightness of the airway system, the parameters of the oxygen supply and the actuation of valves and signaling devices, and a lot of other characteristics.

Now in Russia, the overwhelming majority of mine rescue units use devices of the UKP type to check devices, in particular the well-known UKP-5 manufactured by DZGA or its modifications. This is a rather cumbersome design, which implies a large number of manual operations during verification: all parameters on the device are set and checked manually, and the results are logged.

The South Ural Plant is mastering the production of the DEZEGA CheckUp device. This portable device provides a completely new quality of device testing, and hence the level of safety for the rescuer. All the necessary set of checks can be carried out automatically, and the results can be recorded in electronic form and saved to the selected medium. The device is controlled via a touch screen with a simple and functional menu.

It is even meaningless to compare the new DEZEGA CheckUp with the previous generation of devices: it surpasses the UKP in absolutely all respects. Perhaps the main advantage of the new device for the consumer is that checks on it almost completely exclude the possibility of human error. The device is designed in such a way that it is impossible to incorrectly connect something or read the readings of the devices incorrectly: all system reactions are unambiguous, and the readings are accurate.

In addition, the functionality has been significantly expanded: DEZEGA CheckUp will be able to check not only the complete respirator and its individual parts, but also compressed air breathing apparatus, full-face masks, artificial lung ventilation devices and even conduct random checks of self-rescuers as part of the incoming control program.

The device has already passed tests in several units of the VGSP of the Russian Federation and received excellent reviews. Now the procedure for its certification according to TR CU is being completed. YuZSO accepted dozens of applications for the new device, and from the new year it will begin active deliveries of it to the VGSC of Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries of the Customs Union.