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Revolution in the lamproom

On September 17, 2019, LLC Trading House "Spasatel", together with LLC "Abie-S" signed an agreement on the development of an innovative software product for mine lamprooms - "AbieSpas".

AbieSpas software is a technical breakthrough in the field of digital technologies for mines and ore enterprises, including:

  • timely high-quality planning of lamproom equipment;
  • qualitative analysis of the disposal of PPE and other technical means, as well as automatic analysis of the reasons for this disposal;
  • savings without the risk of unnecessary time spent on keeping records, as well as the elimination of outdated paper magazines;
  • prompt solution of numerous problems of writing off and planning a wide range of lamp nomenclature;
  • registration and data storage of all equipment of the lamp enterprise;
  • tracking the individual assignment of self-rescuers and other equipment to the employees of the enterprise;
  • control of the end of the assigned service life of the RPE and the calculation of the need for lamp equipment, in particular, the RPE, lamps, gas analyzers and others by periods (month, quarter, year).

Display of all the above information in graphical and tabular form for the convenience of the user.

All the functionality of "AbieSpas" is made in a convenient web interface, and does not require installation on a work computer and is available to the user in all browsers.

One of the first projects to start in November at one of the coal enterprises of Kemerovo region.

Timely application of IT technologies saves money and time for our clients.