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Fire extinguisher “Guard-3” on sale

Technical characteristics of the aerosol fire extinguisher "Strazhnik-3"

A fire extinguishing aerosol generator is often used to extinguish a local fire of the A2 type. It is additionally equipped with a handle for easy carrying and is used to extinguish fires on bulk and local surfaces.

Purpose: what is it intended for and where is it used?

In order to quickly react to a possible fire and eliminate it quickly, it is important to have the necessary extinguishing means on hand. In addition to stationary installations, which are used in different companies, it is good to purchase a portable device, which allows you to eliminate the ignition source in a few seconds, eliminating them at the initial stage.

Sometimes it is enough to purchase a small-sized fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire and exclude its spread around the entire perimeter. “Guard-3” is one such manual firefighting tool. This system is a portable aerosol generator. Such devices allow you to instantly eliminate hot spots at the initial stage.

The fire extinguisher stands out for its wide range of applications:

  • This manual ignition protection device can be used to extinguish fires such as:
  • A (subtype A1 and A2) - ignition of polymer and plastic material, various wires, solid elements;
  • B - ignition of flammable liquids;
  • E - burning of electrical wiring and similar equipment.
  • A fire extinguisher will be most effective when extinguishing a fire on a small area.

Technical characteristics of the fire extinguisher “Guard-3”

Duration of functioning in operating mode: 1.5 minutes. The size of the protected volume at the size: 1.5 m3 / 0.35 m2. Performance characteristics: from minus to +50 degrees centigrade.

Device and principle of operation

The principle of operation of a fire extinguisher is based on a generative process using a special fire extinguishing aerosol that is sprayed into the fire. The aerosol is filled with special aerosol components that are in the body. The jet that spreads from the "Guard" is white smoke, which prevents oxygen from reaching the ignition source. It is the reason for the rapid extinguishing of open fires.