Russia, Kemerovo
av. Lenina, 33/3

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LLC Trading House “Spasatel” participated in “Safety and Labor Protection” Exhibition (BIOT)

The “Safety and Labor Protection” Exhibition (BIOT) is the main discussion platform in the country for specialists in the field of labor protection and personal protective equipment, manufacturers and suppliers, businessmen and novice specialists.

The main attention in the business program of the exhibition was given to the topic of innovations.

At our exhibition stand, a wide range of modern mine rescue equipment was presented, as well as means for conducting rescue operations in case of accidents in mines and during fires.

Employees of LLC Trading House "Spasatel" held a presentation of new products:

  1. The stand for imitation of human external respiration - "Oksi Robot" is designed to test insulating RPE according to modes (including those provided by GOST R 12.4.253-2011, GOST R 12.4.292-2015), which allow you to set: the depth and frequency of breathing, flow carbon dioxide, as well as simulate the passage of the route with a dynamic load.
  2. DEZEGA CheckUp is designed to test the parameters of respirators, isolating panoramic masks and mechanical ventilation devices, intended for use in departments that operate or service breathing apparatus.
  3. New innovative, ergonomic, light self-rescuer "CARBO - 70".
  4. Mask D-DIVISION.

During the four days of the exhibition, all major coal holdings in Russia, as well as our key clients and partners, visited our exhibition space. Agreements on cooperation have been reached.

We would like to express our gratitude to Second Breath LLC for joint work at the exposition.