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Technologies and innovations in modern lamprooms at mining enterprises of Russian Federation and other countries

Dear partners,

First of all, we would like to say that the success of your company is important to us and it is our priority. That is why today we have a goal to create new most favorable conditions for your business. It is relevant at all times, but especially now at this difficult period for the industry. Taking into consideration this aspect, we set ourselves the task of removing to a large extend the financial and operational burden from the enterprise, eliminating deficiencies and improving the quality of your consumption. To overcome such challenges, we have developed completely new product - a service of providing a miner with mine rescue, light and air-gas equipment. 

We were given the opportunity and we calculated the cost of self-service at your enterprise. Then we conducted a comparative analysis of the cost of self-service and your professional service with us, thus came to the conclusion that the transition from insourcing to outsourcing is a very profitable decision for all. The efficiency of such a transition is estimated at several tеns of thousands of dollars and thousands of man-hours, as well as a multiplicity of consumption quality, if we talk about planning horizon of 5 years. Global best practices have already proven that outsourcing mine workers to professional service companies is an efficient and safe solution for mining operators. 

Further, we would like to concentrate on the service in more detail, to reveal its structure and methods of obtaining such an effect. 

The first part of the structure is equipment. In this part we offer you to receive from us all the necessary equipment at cost price and in instalments of 5 years, thereby postponing the company’s expenses for the future period, being able to perform funds turnover in the core business activity with additional profitability and thus get a financial effect.

The second part is staff, with a total of 2-3 dozen people. In the second part, we propose to transfer management of your staff into our hands, without increasing the cost, relative to the costs of the enterprise, save energy and financial resources of your personnel involved in this process, to obtain an operational effect in several thousand man-hours.

The third component is equipment service, with a number of thousands of operations. Hereby, we would like to offer you an opportunity to transfer all the duties connected to the organization and control of this process to us, also without any additional cost and, as in the second part, to save energy and financial resources of the responsible persons, consequently to increase the operational effect by several thousand more man-hours. You will be able to use the resulting cumulative effect to solve the most important tasks related to the main activity of increasing the extracted raw materials and its operational implementation, while removing some non-core functions that are costly and burdensome for the enterprise. It will also allow you to eliminate the existing defects in the enterprise and protect you from any in the future. Moreover, practice has shown that the lamprooms are often not completed, have faulty and low-tech equipment, deliveries of equipment and spare parts are carried out with delays, repairs are performed out of time, there is a shortage of personnel, competences and motivation do not meet modern requirements. All of this still poses a great threat to miners and management team. Additionally, the lamprooms are regularly inspected by supervisory authorities, while the enterprise has to pay fines for violations and bear the costs of eliminating the consequences in emergency situations. At the same time, the enterprise is faced with a huge shortage of manpower and financial resources for the extraction of raw materials, and the situation today obliges not to distract them from non-core and non-functional business activities.  

Together with that we would like to inform you that along with the concerned structural divisions, various departments and mines of your enterprise, we are ready to carry out the appropriate work on the analysis of the proposal and the search for its the best options. It is worth noting that at the request of the divisions, we are ready to make the necessary concessions and adjust the proposal in order to increase its attractiveness. Thereby, we will be able to receive an offer that meets expert requirements and maximally satisfy your interest. To start the implementation of the project, there is only one important thing missing – your opinion. In this regard, we suggest a possibility of our interaction to answer all your questions and provide you with the necessary support in making a purchase decision.

In the conclusion, we would like to talk about our company profile. Our company is the largest supplier of mine rescue, light and air-gas equipment in Russia for all mining enterprises in the country. We have many years of experience in the industry and an impeccable reputation. Our partners include: SUEK, UGMK, KOLMAR, EVRAZ, MECHEL, ALROSA, NORNIKEL, and many others, which is the best confirmation of this. Today we are a successful company that demonstrates stable growth and sustainability to any market changes. A new project for us is another step forward, for further development, both for economic growth and for other business opportunities. 

We would like to thank you for this opportunity, your attention to our project, your participation in it and provided support. We always remain at your service.

Sincerely yours,
Elena Sharova
Commercial Director - International Division at Spasatel Digital