Russia, Kemerovo
av. Lenina, 33/3

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Arrival at the Warehouse in Kemerovo CARBO 70

Today, organizations with an advanced attitude to work safety are challenged not only to provide their employees with modern protective equipment, but also to increase their sense of confidence and safety in the workplace. For every industry where there is a risk of an unbreathable atmosphere, including underground use, there is a need for a reliable, high-quality chemically bound oxygen self-rescuer.

It is safe to say that Carbo-70 is a breakthrough in the breathing apparatus industry over the past decades! Developers have managed to create a revolutionary self-rescuer that has no analogues on the RPE market today! Breakthrough technologies in the design of Carbo-70 made it possible to bring it to a new level in the line of existing insulating RPE. Today Carbo-70 surpasses other mine self-rescuers in many criteria, both in the ergonomics of its wearing, and in reliability, and in the comfort of its use when switched on. The user of the Carbo-70 self-rescuer can be sure that in the event of an emergency, the apparatus will undoubtedly protect him, because it was designed using innovative technologies, taking into account many years of operating experience, and passed strict quality control criteria. The device has an improved start-up procedure - this is the only self-rescuer on the market with an automatic starting device!

By equipping Carbo-70 self-rescuers in the lamprooms, the mining industry will be able to provide the highest possible level of protection for their workers in the event of an emergency. An important part of the prestige of any company is the care and protection of those who work in hazardous conditions, as well as providing them with quality equipment. The quality of the Carbo-70 self-rescuer is excellent.

CARBO-70 is certified in accordance with GOST 12.4.292-2015 and meets the requirements of the Customs Union TR CU 019/2011 "On the safety of personal protective equipment" certificate No. EAEU RU C-TR.HB38.B.00227 / 20.