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Stand for imitation of human external respiration


We have created a stand for a wide range of users:

1) Stand for RPE developers

  • research and verification of the characteristics of the developed RPE, their working parts and elements;

2) Stand for manufacturers of RPE

  • testing of RPE, their parts and elements, including at all stages of development by third-party organizations; acceptance and type tests of RPE;

3) Stand for certification centers and laboratories

  • carrying out certification tests;
  • monitoring the quality of the RPE;
  • carrying out tests to compare the characteristics of similar RPE;

4) For consumers

  • input control of self-rescuers;
  • monitoring the quality of self-rescuers throughout the entire service life;
  • the possibility of extending the shelf life, operation, according to the results of their own tests (in agreement with the Developer).

To buy a Stand for imitation of human external respiration, you need to contact the managers.



1. Ease of use

The stand allows the operator to quickly master all its capabilities. The completeness of the technical and software solutions of the Stand makes it possible to carry out work after the start of the tests in an automatic mode, according to a given program and with the fixation of all the necessary data.

2. Savings

The cost of our stand is significantly lower than any other offer on the market in this industry. Thanks to modern design and modeling technologies, as well as the latest hardware components, we have managed to reduce the cost for the end user several times. It should be emphasized that the low cost does not affect in any way both the quality of the stand and the tests carried out on it.

3. Autonomy

Among other things, the stand works fully automatically - without corrective human intervention. Thus, the possibility of changing the final test results "manually" is excluded, as well as the influence on the test course itself.

4. Objectivity

We are not manufacturers of RPE and do not work in support of any of their manufacturers. This fact allows us to create a stand for an objective assessment of the work of any self-rescuer, regardless of its model and purpose.

5. Versatility

The stand is to support test modes provided for by the main world standards. The software and technical capabilities of the Stand allow to implement more complex algorithms and test modes.

6. Mobility

Stand, i.e. its weight and overall dimensions allow testing in any room equipped with ventilation and electricity. Also, thanks to the mobility of the Stand, if necessary, it can be quickly transported from one room to another.