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Self-rescuers ShSS-Gornyak
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Self-rescuer mine insulating ShSS-Gornyak (improved modification of ShSS-1M) is a means of personal respiratory protection and is designed to protect miners and federal supervision service personnel in case of underground accidents associated with the formation of an atmosphere unsuitable for breathing.

The self-rescuer is used in coal mines and other mining enterprises, it is designed to be constantly worn or switched in the mine and used in emergency conditions when exposed to a fresh ventilation air stream.

The self-rescuer can also be used by personnel of enterprises in other industries, if its activity is associated with the possibility of the formation of an atmosphere unsuitable for breathing in the working area (the appearance of toxic substances, lack or absence of oxygen).

The self-rescuer can be used in work areas where the environment is explosive.

The self-rescuer is made in a protective plastic casing - for mines with increased aggressiveness of the production environment. Has a shoulder strap with a quick adjustment of the length when included in the self-rescuer.

The self-rescuer is a single-use self-contained breathing apparatus with chemically bound oxygen and a pendulum breathing pattern. The self-rescuer belongs to the products of version U, category 5 in accordance with GOST 15150, but for operation at temperatures from –200C to + 400C, relative air humidity up to 100% at 350C, atmospheric pressure up to 133.5 kPa.

The self-rescuer ShSS-Gornyak is certified for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of PPE" (TR CU 019/2011), technical regulations on the safety of machinery and equipment (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 15.09.2009 No. 753) and has a conclusion of NTs VostNII on intrinsic safety (complies with the requirements of PB 05-618-03, p. 584; OST 12.24.294-86, p. 2.1.2).

Download the certificate of conformity TR CU 019/2011 "On the safety of PPE"

Download the certificate of conformity TR "On the safety of machinery and equipment"

To buy the ShSS-Gornyak Self-Rescuer, you need to  contact the managers.

Technical Specifications
1. Protective action time, min:  
  - when leaving the emergency section at a speed of 4 km / h, not less 60
  - nominal when tested at the stand, not less 50
  - while sitting out waiting for help, up to 300
2. Overall dimensions (without stowed shoulder strap), mm:  
  - diameter 150±2
  - height 260±3
3. Inspiratory temperature, ° С, no more 55
4. Inspiratory CO2 content, %, no more 3
5. Resistance to breathing, mmH2O no more 100
6. Weight, kg, no more 3,0
7. Useful bag capacity, dm3, not less 5
8. Duration of inclusion in the self-rescuer, sec., no more 15
9. Self-rescuer service life, years 5