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Respirator R-34
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The R-34 respirator with a protective action time of 2 hours is used as an auxiliary device by the state mine-rescue units for an emergency exit, as well as to turn on the victim, who, if necessary, can be artificially ventilated using the attached attachment. In addition, R-34 is used for technological (industrial) work in an environment unsuitable for breathing in other areas of industry, where respiratory protection is required for up to 2 hours.

Due to the reduced oxygen cylinder and cartridge compared to the P-30 respirator, and, accordingly, the lower supply of oxygen and chemical lime absorber, the P-34 weighs 2 kilograms less than the main P-30 respirator, which makes it even more convenient when conducting industrial works.

The device is adjusted using the UKP-5 device; it is recommended to use the KD-8 booster compressor for filling small-capacity cylinders.

To buy a Respirator R-34, you need to contact the managers.

Technical Specifications
Time of protective action, h 2
Curb weight without front part, kg
With ice 9,8
Without ice
Oxygen supply in the cylinder, l 200
Operating pressure, MPa 20
Oxygen supply to the respirator system, l/min
Constant 1,4±0,1
Pulmonary-automatic, not less 70
Emergency valve 60-150
Dimensions, mm 455х340х136