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D-VISION full face mask
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Full face mask D-VISION is a personal respiratory protection device, which is used with isolating respirators R-30, R-30EX and other self-contained compressed oxygen breathing apparatus with a closed breathing cycle. The mask provides maximum comfort and reduces user fatigue for the entire duration of the breathing apparatus.

The D-VISION full face mask is designed to protect the skin of the face, respiratory system and eyes in an unbreathable atmosphere. It is used to carry out rescue, maintenance, repair or service work.


The size and proportions of the human face vary greatly. If the mask is too large or too small, then it can not only slip, crush or limit the field of view, but also lose its protective properties due to insufficient tight fit. To ensure maximum comfort and safety for the user, developer offers 6 size combinations: 3 mask body sizes and 2 mask holder sizes. It is important to choose the right combination of sizes, taking into account the shape of the face and other individual characteristics, for a better fit and tightness along the obturation line. You should start by trying on a medium-sized mask body and a medium-sized mask holder: this is the most common combination.

Developer recommends using a special sizing template to match the size of the mask and sub-mask.

To prevent fogging of the mask during use, apply Clear-Vision to the inner surface of the visor, and also saturate the wiper pad with it. The visor may fog up after prolonged use of the mask. To remove condensation, turn the handwheel of the wiper, the Clear-Vision solution soaked in it will renew the protective coating.


  • Three sizes of the main mask in Silicone or EPDM (ethylene propylene rubber): small (S), medium (M-L) and large (XL)
  • Two sizes of universal mask holder: medium (M), large (L) 


  • Advanced visor cleaning system minimizes condensation and allows easy removal during operation.
  • The flywheel is directly connected to the wiper, and not through the glass, which eliminates the depressurization of the mask due to wear of the connector.
  • Wide elastic straps of the 5-point headband made of EPDM or fabric mesh allow you to securely attach the mask to the head, evenly distribute the load on the head and along the line of contact from the mask to the face.
  • The buckles and fasteners of the headband do not heat up and do not burn the face in places of contact with open skin: they are made of materials with low thermal conductivity, without the use of metal elements.
  • Shockproof polycarbonate visor resistant to scratches, heat flow and flame. Its rectangular shape provides at least 70% of natural visibility, which improves visibility in corners and around the periphery.
  • High speech intelligibility due to the increased speech diaphragm.

To buy D-VISION you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics:

The tightness of the mask at a vacuum pressure of 1000 Pa:
Permissible pressure drop for 1 min, Pa, no more than  100
Overall size, without headband and neck strap, mm, no more:
Length 240
Width 170
Height 150
Performance characteristics:
Air temperature, °C from -20 to +60
Relative air humidity at 40°C, % up to 100
Mask weight with neck strap, kg, no more than  0,75
Connection screw thread 5/16"
Assigned mask service life, years  10
Warranty period of the mask, months  12