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Intrinsically safe mine methane relay IMRSh
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Intrinsically safe mine methane relay is designed to control the volume fraction of methane in the area of work of shearers and roadheaders, as well as other equipment. 

IMRSh provides remote monitoring of methane concentration and power management of the mining machine. As additional functions, it is possible to connect an external sound / signaling device (dry contact), which can be controlled both locally (depending on the level of local gas content) and remotely from the dispatcher's console.

An optical methane sensor is used as a sensitive element in the IMRSh, which makes it possible to exclude the influence of heavy hydrocarbons and hydrogen on the measurement results. The use of the built-in PLC modem made it possible to use the signal core of the mining machine control system both for transmitting data from the IMRSh and for transmitting control commands to the device. 

 The use of modern element base, low-consumption methane sensors and energy-efficient information processing algorithms made it possible to increase the operating life of the measuring unit and provide up to 12 hours of continuous operation from a single battery charge. The use of a removable filter allows the consumer to service the device without contacting a service center. 

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Technical characteristics

Characteristic Value Unit
Methane reading range 0…2,5 % vol.
Ambient temperature range -10…+15 Degrees centigrade
Degrees centigrade 15…98
No condensation 
Supply voltage From Li-ION battery 3,7V V
Power consumption  0,6 W