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Lime chemical absorbent KHP-I
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The Lime chemical absorbent KHP-I acts selectively with respect to CO2 molecules included in the gas-air mixture passing through densely packed absorber granules. Contacting the surface of the granules, as well as passing through their porous bodies, CO2 molecules enter into a chemical reaction with the substance of the granules and pass from the gaseous state to the solid phase. The absorption of carbon dioxide is an exothermic chemical reaction (i.e., it generates heat) resulting in the formation of stable calcium carbonate (CaCO3). For the same reason, the chemical lime absorbent cannot be regenerated and reused. 

Packing options: 
Steel drum - 40kg, Plastic canister 4.5kg. 

Application area:

The Lime chemical absorbent KHP-I is designed to equip insulating regenerative respirators for mine rescue operations, which are used to protect the respiratory system when performing all types of work in coal mines, in an atmosphere unsuitable for breathing and are the main equipment of professional mine rescue units. KHP-I binds carbon dioxide formed during the combustion of carbon-containing materials during a fire.

Alternative applications:

The Lime chemical absorbent KHP-I is used in rebreathers for diving, decompression chambers for divers, hyperbaric oxygenation chambers (medical pressure chambers), on submarines (in emergency breathing systems), shelters, command posts, rescue chambers for miners and underground workers. 

The Lime chemical absorbent KHP-I is used in isolating regenerative respirators.

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Technical Characteristics
Molecular Formula absent, absorbent KHP-I - multicomponent substance, consisting of 96% Ca (OH) 2 and 4% NaOH
Release form in the form of granules
Grading from 5,5 to 6,5 mm;
from 2,8 to 5,5 mm;
from 0,1 to 2,8 mm.