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Methane signaling device SMS-8
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Automatic measurement of the volume fraction of methane in the atmosphere of mine workings and individual illumination of the workplace. In mines hazardous with gas and / or dust.

  • The level of protection is "mine special explosion-proof".
  • New circuit designs provide high reliability and maximum battery efficiency. Two switchable working light levels plus backup light source. 
  • The ability to adjust both levels of the working light using the remote control. Stabilization of the luminous flux throughout the entire cycle of work. 
  • Thermocatalytic sensor of our own production with a linear characteristic allows:
    • *use PGS from 1.0 to 2.5% for calibration;
    • change the threshold without *additional calibration
  • Indication of charge level and charging process. 
  • The possibility of increasing the time of continuous operation (up to 20! Hours) by reducing the current of the working LED. 
  • The operating time of the built-in radio beacon with the emergency light on is more than 36 hours after the transition to emergency mode. 

To buy the SMS-8 methane alarm, you need to contact the managers.

CMC-8 methane alarms have modifications that ensure compliance with the requirements of the "Safety Rules in Coal Mines" - functioning as part of a multifunctional mine safety system in accordance with the table: 

  • SMS-8.2 - without built-in additional devices; 
  • SMS-8R - equipped with built-in radio units, ensuring functioning as part of a multifunctional mine safety system; 
  • SMS-8RM - with a separate compartment in the housing for connecting multifunctional security systems radio modules; 
  • SMS-8RM.1 - complete with MAU-P-14 subscriber accounting module together with MA-32 subscriber search module; 
  • SMS-8RM.2 - equipped with a SUBR-02SM.A radio unit together with a MA-32 subscriber search module; 
  • SMS-8RM.3 - equipped with a SUBR-02SM.A radio unit together with a PGLR location transmitter.
Technical characteristics
Explosion protection marking РО Ех ia s I Ма X
Protection against external influences IP54
Continuous working time
- working light source No less 12 h
- built-in radio warning device with emergency light on after switching to emergency mode No less 36 h
Measuring range, in volume fractions of methane 0-2,5%
Setting range of the alarm threshold setting, in volume fractions of methane
- 1st threshold 0,5-2,5%
- 2nd threshold 0.5% higher than the first
Limit of the basic absolute measurement (actuation) error, in volume fractions of methane ±0,2
Response time for a sudden change in the volume fraction of methane from 0 to 3.2% No less 12 seс.
Illumination in the main mode 3500 lx
Luminous flux of the working light source * 150 lx
Sealed battery Li-pol
- SMS-8.2, SMS С-8R 0,6 kg
- SMS-8RM No more 1 kg
Dimensions of the battery compartment
- SMS-8.2, SMS-8R 87 × 58 × 125 mm
- SMS-8R Helian, SMS-8R PGLR 87 × 66 × 125 mm
- SMS-8RM 140 × 51 × 152 mm
Operating conditions
- ambient temperature from - 10 to 35 °С
- ambient relative humidity Up tp100 % (at a temperature 35 °С)

* at factory settings