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Lamp with sealed rechargeable battery SGG-10 Elf
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The flashlight has an explosion-proof design RV and can be used in explosive environments: in mines and on the surface, including chemical and petrochemical plants, where the use of explosion-proof equipment of category IV, temperature class T5 is allowed.

The flashlight can be used in the maintenance of facilities for the extraction, processing, transportation and storage of oil and gas products, at energy, communications, construction and housing and communal services, in railway transport, metro construction and in other industries.

  • Two operating modes - main and emergency; 
  • luminous flux stabilization device; 
  • indication of the current time, personnel number and battery charge level; miniature power supply located in the same housing as the headlight; fastening - on a helmet with a bracket, or on the head (headdress) with a special strap (like a headlamp);
  • protection against deep battery discharge; 
  • mode of automatic switching when the battery is discharged to an emergency light source, which provides lighting for one hour before turning off. 

To buy a Lantern "SGG-10 Elf" you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics
Type and level of explosion protection Ex ib I X/1Ex IIB T5 X
Protection against external influences IP54
Light source: working, W emergency, W 1 - LED -1 piece. 0,2 - LED - 2 pieces.
Average illumination at a distance of 1 m from the working light source, lx 2000
Duration of continuous work, h 10
Average service life of the light source, h 30 000
Rated capacity of the storage battery, A * h 2,9
Battery rated voltage, V 3,7
Battery life, cycles 500
Lamp weight, g 190
Lamp overall dimensions, mm 78x65x71