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Head lamps SMGV
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Two models of a mine head lamp with a built-in methane alarm, differing in the head lamp design and the location of the methane alarm electronic board.
The lamp is intended for use in mines, above the mines buildings and other facilities where it is required to use explosion-proof equipment of a special explosion-proof level of explosion protection.
A characteristic feature of the lamp is the use of two batteries: one for powering the lamp, the second for powering built-in units of search and warning systems.

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Head lamp Dimensions: Ø68mmX88mm
Case dimensions: 145mmX55mmX135mm
Weight, no more: 1.1 kg
Service life, not less: 3 years



Explosion protection marking: Ex ia s I Ma
IP class: 54
Ambient temperature, ° C: from -45 to +50
Source of power:
SMGV source of power 03 Li-Pol 6.6Ah
SMGV source of power 04 Li-Pol 8.2Ah
SMGV source of power 05 Ni-MH 7Ah
SMGV source of power 06 Ni-MH 10Ah
SMGV source of power 07 Li-Pol 6.6Ah and 3.3Ah
SMGV source of power 08 Li-Pol 8.2Ah and 3.3Ah


Light source:
1 main LED
3 additional LEDs
Illumination according to GOST R IEC 60079-35-2-2013: 2500 lux
Duration of work, not less:
-in the main mode - 16 hours
-in emergency mode - 72 hours
-search systems - 72 hours


Methane alarm

Operation range, vol.%: 0.5-2.0
Operation setpoint stability, not less than: 140 hours
Absolute error, no more: 0.2 vol.%
Response time, no more: 20 sec