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Head lamps SGG
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Simple explosion-proof luminaire with explosion-proof marking RP P Is for use in mines and mines that are not hazardous for methane gas, as well as in other industries, municipal services. Modifications are produced that are equipped with both an LED and an incandescent lamp as a light source, as well as with various batteries with a capacity from 2.6A * h to 10A * h Modification SGG 5M.2.LI5.5 is equipped with a carrying handle.

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Lamp Dimensions: Ø75mmX82mm 
Overall dimensions of the case, no more: 125mmX85mmX45mm 
Weight, no more: 1.1 kg 
Service life, not less: 3 years


Explosion protection marking: RP P Is
IP class: 54 
Ambient temperature, ° C: from -45 to +50


Light source: incandescent lamp or LED module 
Axial luminous intensity, not less: 300 cd 
Duration of work, not less: 
    - in the main mode - 10 hours


Equipping with a SUBR radio unit 
Head strap 
Shoulder belt