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Head lamps NGR
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Explosion-proof rechargeable lamps of the NGR series have several versions, differing in the used batteries and overall dimensions, there is also a version with a built-in radio signaling device. 

This allows consumers to choose the required model, depending on the requirements for the luminaire for the duration of operation and weight and dimensions. 

The modification, made as a headlamp, has become widespread in explosive facilities of the chemical and oil and gas industries.

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Headlamp Dimensions: Ø75mmX88mm 
Overall dimensions of the case: 145mmX55mm X135mm 
Weight, no more than 0.25-1.1 kg


Explosion protection marking: NGR 06-4-003-4 
PO Ex ia I Ma / O Ex ia IIC T4 Ga 
NGR 06-4-003-5: PB Ex ib I Mb 
IP class: 54
Service life, not less: 3 years 
Ambient temperature: -45 ° C to 50 ° C


Light source: 
1 main LED 
3 additional LEDs 
Maximum luminous intensity: 2600 cd 
Duration of work, not less: 
    - in the main mode - from 10 to 20 hours 
    - in emergency mode - from 20 to 72 hours

Power supplies

NGR 06-4-003.04: Li-Ion 1.2Ah 
NGR 06-4-003.05: 
Li-Ion 2.6Ah 
Li-Ion 5.2Ah 
Li-Ion 9.0Ah