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Head lamp SGG-9
Price by request

Lamps are designed for individual illumination of the workplace in underground workings of coal mines, including those hazardous for gas and dust.

  • Two operating modes - main and emergency. 
  • The main light source is a powerful light-emitting diode (LED). 
  • A backup light source - additional LEDs. 
  • The battery is protected against overcharge and deep discharge. 
  • Stabilization of luminous flux throughout the entire cycle of work. 

After 10 hours of operation, if the battery voltage drops to 3.5 V, the luminaire switches to a backup light source, and operates in emergency mode for at least 1 hour.

To buy the head lamp "SGG-9" you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics
Explosion protection level Ex I Mb Х
Protection against external influences IP65
Illumination No less 3500 lx
Battery used Ni-MH
Duration of continuous work working light source No less 12 h
Battery life (number of charge-discharge cycles) from 800 to 1000
Service time 3 years
Service life of LED-emitter 30000 h
- battery container 139х51х142 mm
- headlights Ø75х84 mm
Weight No less 1,2 kg
Terms of use:
- ambient temperature From - 5 to +40 °С
- ambient relative humidity Up tp 100 % (at a temperature 35 °С)