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Portable gas analyzer ATEST-1
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The updated ATECT-1 gas analyzer, depending on the modification, allows you to control the content of methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere.

ATEST-1 gas analyzer modifications

Modifications Controlled gas
  Methane Carbone Monoxide Carbon dioxide Oxygen
ATEST-1.M.1 - - -
ATEST-1.М.2 - -
ATEST-1.D.1 - -
ATEST-1.D.2 -
ATEST-1.С.1 - -
ATEST-1.С.2 -

The gas analyzer is equipped with a backlit graphical LCD that allows the user to select a convenient display option between displaying the concentration of one of the gases in full screen and simultaneously displaying all monitored gases. 

The removable battery compartment allows for quick battery replacement without the need for disassembly and subsequent metrological verification of the gas analyzer. 

The concentrations of all gases, including CO2, are determined only by direct measurements, which, in contrast to the calculation method, ensures maximum accuracy and selectivity of indications. 

Gas analyzer ATEST-1.D.1 can be used as a replacement for mine interferometers ShI-11 and ShI-12.

The gas analyzer provides the following functions: 

  • gas concentration indication on a backlit indicator,
  • setting and viewing various parameters using the menu system, navigation through which is carried out using the built-in 4-button keyboard,
  • time and date indication, 
  • ambient temperature display,
  • sound and light signaling when the gas concentration reaches a preset level recording and subsequent display of the maximum concentration values for the period after switching on “black box” function, that is, every minute recording of measurement results into non-volatile memory,
  • the possibility of charging at the charging station AZS-2-54 or on an individual charger.

Additional functions of the gas analyzer (as agreed with the customer): 

  • download measurement results to PC;
  • ambient pressure measurement.

To buy Portable gas analyzers ATEST-1, you need to  contact the managers.

Technical characteristics
1. Contact the managers   РО ExiasI X
2. Methane measurement range % vol. 0 ... 2,5
3. Methane reading range % vol. 2,5 … 100
4. Measuring range of carbon dioxide % vol. 0 … 2,0
5. Carbon dioxide reading range % vol. 2,0 ..10
6. Measuring range of carbon monoxide ppm 0 .. 200
7. Oxygen measurement range % vol. 0 … 30
8. Limits of intrinsic absolute error in measuring methane concentration % vol. ±0,1
9. Limits of the basic absolute error of CO2 concentration measurement % vol. ±0,2
10. Limits of intrinsic absolute error of CO concentration measurement ppm ±6
11. Limits of intrinsic absolute error of oxygen concentration measurement % vol. ±0,5
12. Time of continuous autonomous work, not less h 10
13. Time to establish readings t (50) and t (90) for methane, no more s 4 и 8
14. Time of establishment of indications t (90) for СО, СО2 and О2, no more s 60
15. Overall dimensions mm 38 x 86х135
16. Weight, no more g 400