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Gas analyzer “Sputnik-1U”
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  • Explosion protection marking RO ЕхiasΙ X 
  • Protection against external influences IP54 
  • Analyzed gases СН4, О2, СО2, CO
  • The Gas analyzers Sputnik-1U are designed to measure, memorize and store the parameters of the mine atmosphere for gas components, provided for in the "Safety Rules in Coal Mines", and provide sound and light alarms when the specified level of the volume fraction of gas components is exceeded.
  • Application of highly reliable sensors with a long service life. 
  • Does not require special equipment for calibration and verification. 
  • Do not allow unauthorized changes to the regulations. 
  • The ability to transfer data to a multifunctional mine safety system has been implemented.

To buy the Gas Analyzer Sputnik-1U, you need to contact the managers.

Technical Characteristics

Parameter SPUTNIK-1U
Explosion protection level and type РО ЕхiasΙ  X
Protection against external influences Not less IP54
CH4 measurement range from 0 to 2,5 % vol.
CH4 indication range from 2,5 to 100 % vol.
CH4 measurement error ±0,2 % vol.
Adjustment range of the threshold for CH4 from 0,5 to 2,5 % vol.
O2 measurement range from 0 to 25 % vol.
O2 measurement error ±(0,2+0,04Сx ) % vol.
O2 response threshold adjustment range from 18,5 to 21 % vol.
CO2 measurement range From 0 to 1,0 % vol.
CO2 measurement error ±0,1 % vol.
CO2 threshold adjustment range from 0,2 to 1,0 % vol.
CO measurement range from 0 to 200 ppm
CO measurement error ±(6+0,07Сx) ppm
CO response threshold adjustment range From 10 to 100 ppm
Time of continuous operation without correction of readings
СН4, СО2 1 year
О2 , СО 3 mon.
Calibration interval 1 year
Discreteness of recording information for each gas component 1 min.
The amount of recorded information when working in the "Measurement" mode 49 h.
Information storage time unlimited
Time of continuous work without recharge no less 30 h.
Battery;  supply voltage Li-Pol;   3,7 V
Charger from an individual charger ZU-SGG
from charging panels ZP-1
from charging stations START-03, START-03, START-03.1 START-01, START-01.1, STARTM;
Overall dimensions 169 х 92 х 47 mm.
Weight 550 g.
- ambient temperature From - 10 to + 40 °С
- ambient relative humidity From 100 % at a temperature of 35 °С
- atmosphere pressure From 87.8 to 119.7 kPa (660-900 mm Hg)