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Gas analyzer “Sputnik-1M.3”
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  • Explosion protection PO Exial X 
  • Protection against external influences IP65 
  • Analyzed gases СН4, О2, СО2, СО

Continuous monitoring of the mine atmosphere with the ability to transmit information in real time. 

Gas and / or dust hazardous mines.

  • Sound and light signaling about the crossing of the response threshold of the volume fraction of components
  • Ease of control, intuitive interface; 
  • Up to four sensors can be installed;
  • “Black box” function for storing values for the last 120 hours of operation;
  • Display of current date, time, temperature and atmospheric pressure;
  • Continuous measurement of the volume fraction of gas components;
  • The ability to install a radio module;

To buy the Gas Analyzer Sputnik-1M.3, you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics

Parameter Units of measurement Unit
Explosion protection marking   PO Exial X
Protection against external influences   IP65
Time of continuous work, h   70
Operating time without correction of readings, months   12 (CH4, CO2) 3  (O2. CO)
Service life, years, not less   5
Overall dimensions, mm   152 × 72 × 32
Weight, g, no more   380
Metrological parameters
Range of measurements / indications vol. d. CH4,% vol.    0-2,5/2,5-100
Range of measurements / indications vol. d. CO, ppm   0-200/200-220
Range of measurements / indications vol. CO2,% vol.    0-1/ 1-1,5
Range of measurements / indications vol. d. О2,% vol. etc.   0-25/25-30
Limits of basic absolute error of concentration measurement CH4, % vol. ±0,1
СО, ppm ±(6+0,07Сх)
CO2,% vol. ±0,1
О2,% vol.  ±0,5 


Gas analyzer name Measured gas component
  CH4 O2 CO2 CO
SPUTNIK-1M.1 + + + +
SPUTNIK-1M.2 + + + -
SPUTNIK-1M.3 + + + +