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Indicator Tubes CO2-15
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Chemical gas detectors GH-M are designed for the express determination of the content of gas components in the mine air directly in mine workings and are used to control the composition of the gaseous environment and the relative humidity of mine air during mining and mine rescue operations in order to ensure safe working conditions. 

Gas detectors can be used to detect endogenous fires at an early stage of their occurrence, to control the ventilation of mine workings after blasting operations, during fire exploration; to control the quality of insulation of worked out and fire areas, to determine the duration of stay of mine rescuers in conditions of high humidity and temperature and in other cases. 

It is used with a bellows aspirator AM-5 (order code 00004000). 

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Technical characteristics

Name Measurement range,% volume fraction  Quantity in a package, pcs
Indicator Tubes CO2-15                    1...15 24