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Flexible mine ventilation pipe TVGSh
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Flexible mine ventilation pipe TVGSh.
Mine vent sleeve (mine vent pipe).

Ventilation flexible mine pipes are designed to supply significant volumes of air during forced ventilation in mines and tunnels. With such ventilation, the volume of supplied air must be large; therefore, the diameter of the ventilation sleeve is chosen so as to provide the necessary demand for supply ventilation.

Flexible mine ventilation pipes are produced in three types:

Type 1: for coal mines and mines of TVGSHA-PGG of the mining industry, incl. hazardous for gas and dust with overpressure 1000 daPa;

Type 2: for coal mines and mines of TVGSHA-PG of the mining industry, incl. hazardous for gas and dust with an overpressure of 500 daPa;

Type 3: flexible mine antistatic ventilation pipes TVGSHA-TV, hardly flammable for coal mines and mines, non-hazardous in terms of gas and dust, with an overpressure of 500 daPa.

Flexible ventilation mine pipe (vent sleeve; vent pipe) is made of non-combustible antistatic reinforced vinyl leather pipe (textile base is a fabric made of chemical threads, covered with PVC coating on both sides).

Flexible ventilation mine pipes are produced in two ways:

1) by stitching (without or with subsequent gluing of seams);

2) by a welded method (almost completely eliminating air leaks at the joints). 

The sewn shaft ventilation arm is available in two types:

Type I - with glued seams;

Type II - without gluing seams.

The glued-stitched ventilation mine pipe is sewn on special sewing machines and then glued with glue (in the places of the holes from the needles). The welded ventilation mine pipe is produced on special equipment, where PVC layers of vinyl leather are welded to form a high-strength elastic and tight joint. 

Flexible ventilation mine pipes (vent sleeve; vent pipe) are produced in diameters 210, 300, 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm and lengths 5, 10, 20 and, according to customer orders, up to 100 m. The operating temperature range of flexible hoses of ventilation mine pipes is from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C at a relative humidity of up to 100%.