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OP-8B(Sh) is a portable powder fire extinguisher with a high pressure cylinder, a body covered with a protective coating "Termolit" and explosion protection marking I Mb. Designed for use in mines and coal mines hazardous for gas and dust, as well as for the protection of industrial and economic premises, for use in road, rail, river transport and in domestic conditions as primary means of extinguishing fires of classes A (solid combustible substances), B (liquid combustible substances), C (gaseous combustible substances) and E (electrical installations) energized up to 1000 V.

- Flawless build quality
- Resistant to mechanical stress locking and starting device
- High quality fire extinguishing powder "VEKSON®-ABC 50"
- Service life and recharge 10 years
- Can be used in harsh climatic conditions
- The body is covered with a polymer material resistant to aggressive environments
- Explosion-proof execution according to the Mb class. Certificate of Conformity in accordance with TR CU 012/2011 Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the Safety of Equipment for Operation in Explosive Environments"
- Certificate of Conformity TR EAEU 043/2017 "On Requirements for Means of Ensuring Fire Safety and Fire Fighting"
- Certificate of type approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

- Mines 
- Industrial plants and industries with explosive or aggressive environments
- River and marine technology
- Private and commercial transport (cars, ships, railway transport)

The principle of operation of a fire extinguisher is based on the use of the energy of compressed gas, pumped into a high pressure cylinder (HPC) for the release of a special fire extinguishing agent. When extinguishing a fire, it is necessary to remove the pin, use the button to activate the shock-trigger mechanism, wait 5-6 seconds to create the required working pressure in the fire extinguisher. Direct the funnel hose to the fire, press the handle, as a result of which the fire extinguishing powder in the fire extinguisher body, under excess pressure of the working gas, is fed through the funnel hose to the fire. Extinguishing must be done from the windward side from a distance of 2 ... 3 meters.

Technical characteristics

Indicator name Indicator value
Fire extinguishing ability when extinguishing a model fire source:
class A not less
class B not less

Weight mark and used extinguishing agent 8 kg «VEKSON®-АВС 50»
Operating temperature range, °C from -50 to + 50
Service life and recharge, years 10
Warranty period of operation, months 48