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Autonomous fire extinguishing system “ETALON SHIELD”
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Autonomous fire extinguishing system "ETALON SHIELD" is an autonomous fire extinguishing device using a fire extinguishing aerosol generator. By equipping your electrical panel with our device, you will eliminate the likelihood of a fire, from a short circuit, overheating of the wiring, a faulty circuit breaker many times.

- An innovative product
- Extinguishes shields of all types and types
- High speed of reaction to the occurrence of fire and its instant suppression
- Mounts on a standard DIN rail in the electrical panel
- Eliminates the consequences of a possible fire
- Maintenance free
- Environmentally friendly, does not contain toxic substances
- Made in Russia, from Russian components
- Has a mandatory certificate of compliance with TR EAEU 043/2017 "On requirements for fire safety and fire extinguishing equipment"

- Private houses and apartments
- Garage premises
- The shops
- Public and administrative buildings
- Industrial and warehouse buildings

Self-operation of the unit occurs when the flame is directly exposed or the temperature rises above 170 ° C. When the "ETALON SHIELD"  is triggered, a fire-extinguishing aerosol is released, which fills the entire volume of the protected electrical panel, in which it is installed, and instantly stops the combustion process and its further development. This is due to the fact that the outgoing gaseous particles of the fire-extinguishing aerosol composition actively interfere with the chemical reactions of the combustion process, replacing the oxygen in the air, and solid fine particles settle on the burning surfaces, enveloping them, effectively preventing the further development of the fire. 

Installation of "ETALON SHIELD" does not require special skills and additional equipment. The device is 1 unit in size and is mounted on a standard DIN rail. The device is installed by attaching it to a DIN-rail using a built-in latch, similar to installing a circuit breaker.

Technical Characteristics

Indicator Name Indicator value
Response time, sec. up to 5
Protected volume 0,1 m3/100 l
Operating temperature, °C from – 60 to + 60
Service life, years 5
Service not required
Ecology safe
Mode autonomous