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Device PEP-02
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The compact portable electrical measuring device PEP-02 is designed to measure AC and DC voltage, current, electrical resistance, capacitance and inductance in intrinsically safe electrical circuits. The device has explosion protection marking PO Ex ia I Ma X and can be used in underground workings of coal mines, hazardous for gas (methane) and coal dust, at ambient temperatures from -15 to +50 ° С. Certificate No. TC RU C-RU.МГ07.В.00188 

The device can be used to measure electrical parameters of intrinsically safe circuits with parameters Ui: 100 V; Li: 7 A; Ci: 1μF; Li: 0mH.

Main functions:

  • Large display with white backlight; 
  • Data hold mode; 
  • Low voltage measurement - 400mV; 
  • Frequency measurement - up to 100 kHz; 
  • Capacitance measurement - up to 100μF; 
  • Temperature measurement function. 

To buy the PEP-02 Device, you need to contact the managers.

Parameter Unit
Temperature range, ° С -15...+50
Range of relative humidity of atmospheric air,% (with moisture condensation) 20...98
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 87,7...119,7
Explosion protection marking PO Ex ia I Ma X
The degree of protection against external influences according to GOST 14254 IP54
Protection against electric shock (according to GOST III
Weight, kg, no more 0,45
Average assigned service life, years, not less 7
Electrical parameters:
Max. battery voltage, V 9
Type of batteries used "Krona" (non-rechargeable cells 6F22, 6LR61)
Maximum measured voltage in the explosion-proof area, Ui, V 100
Maximum measured voltage in the explosion-proof zone, li, A 7
Maximum internal capacitance Ci, μF 1
Maximum internal inductance Li, mH 0
Maximum output voltage Uo, V 5,6
Maximum output current Io, mA 325
Maximum external inductance Lo, mH 1
Maximum external capacitance Co, μF 1000


Voltage measurement

Mode Range Resolution Accuracy Nominal output impedance

Attenuation coefficient

Constant pressure 400mV 0.1mV ± (1.0% of reading + 10D) more than 10 MOhm, less than 100 pF > 100 dB at 0/50/60 Hz
4V 1mV ± (0.5% of reading + 3D)
40V 10mV
400V 100mV
1000V 1V
AC Voltage* 400mV3 0.1mV ± (3.0% of reading + 3D) more than 10 MOhm, less than 100 pF > 60 dB at 0/50/60 Hz
4V 1mV ± (1.0% of reading + 3D)
40V 10mV
400V 100mV
700V 1V ± (1.2% of reading + 3D)

1. Frequency response: 40Hz ~ 400Hz.
2. Measured value: mean, calibrated to rms sine.
3. Only manual range selection.

Current measurement

Measurement range Resolution Measurement error
400µA 0.1µA ±(1.8% reading +5D)
4000µA 1µA ±(1.8% reading +5D)
40мA 0.01мА ±(1.8% reading +5D)
400мA 0.1мА ±(1.8% reading +5D)
±(3% reading +10D)
10А 10мА ±(3% reading +10D)
DC **
400µA 0.1µA ±(1.5% reading +3D)
4000µA 1µA ±(1.5% reading +3D)
40мA 0.01мА ±(1.5% reading +3D)
400мA 0.1мА ±(1.5% reading  +3D)
±(2% reading +8D)
10А 10мА ±(2% reading +8D)

*The stated uncertainties apply to measurements in the 10% to 100% range. 
**The stated uncertainties apply to the full measuring range.

Measurement of other parameters

Measurement range Resolution Measurement error
50.00 Hz 0.01 Hz ± (0.1% of reading +3 D)
500.00 Hz 0.1 Hz
5.000 Hz 0.001 kHz
50 kHz 0.01 kHz
100 kHz 0.1 kHz
400Ω 0.1Ω ± (0.5% of reading +3)
4кΩ ± (0.5% of reading +2)
40кΩ 10Ω
400кΩ 100Ω
4МΩ 1kΩ
40МΩ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ 10kΩ​​​​​​​ ± (1.5% of reading +3)
50µF 0.01µF <10nF: ± [1.5% (reading + 50D) ± (3.0% of reading + 10D)
500µF 0.1µF ±(3% of reading +5D)​​​​​​​
5µF 1µF ±(3% of reading +5D)​​​​​​​
50µF 10µF ±(3% of reading +5D)​​​​​​​
100µF 0.1µF ±(3% of reading +5)​​​​​​​
Diode testing
1mВ ± (1% of reading)