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Device IRSK
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The boxes are designed for making connections (branching) of electrical cable networks with voltage up to 250 V, and with a decrease in the number of terminals - up to 320 V DC and 380 V AC, as well as fiber-optic cable lines with optical radiation.

They can be used in all industrial areas, including:

  • Fuel industry; 
  • Oil and gas processing, petrochemical and chemical industries; 
  • Mining and processing industry (according to explosion protection marking); Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy; 
  • Pulp and paper and food industry; 
  • Energy, incl. nuclear power; 
  • Defense industry; 
  • Mechanical engineering; 
  • Transport, including sea and river; 
  • Water supply, sewerage and waste disposal, or treatment facilities.


Intrinsically safe boxes are made in the form of a rectangular case with a hinged cover made of sheet steel. The cover is equipped with a turnkey double-bit lock with the option of installing a sealing eyelet (on request).

Terminal clamps or a panel of optical adapters with a splice cassette are installed inside the housing on the mounting panel. On the side walls of the casing there are cable glands in accordance with the order. At the corners of the case, there are fasteners that allow you to fix the boxes on almost any surface.

The box body provides the degree of protection against external influences in accordance with GOST 14254 not less than IP65. Grounding studs are located inside and outside the housing, which in turn can be connected to a mounting plate or rail for terminal blocks. 

To buy the IRSK Device, you need to contact the managers.

Table 1 - Overall dimensions of boxes

Frame size Overall dimensions, mm Body material
Width  Height Depth
01 150 150 120 The body is made of galvanized steel, with a polymer coating, with a fixed opening door with a lock.
02 150 300 120
03 200 200 120
04 200 300 120
05 200 400 120
06 200 500 120
07 300 300 120
08 300 400 120
09 300 400 155


Table 2 - Applicable terminal blocks

Terminal block type Nominal cross-sectional area of the connected conductor, mm2 Terminal block name
1 1,5 WDU 1.5 BL/UK 1.5 N BU
2 1,5 WDK 1.5 BL
3 2,5 WDU 2.5 BL/UT 2.5 BU
4 2,5 WDK 2.5 BL/UTTB 2.5 BU
5 4 WDU 4 BL/UT 4 BU
6 4 WDK 4 BL/UTTB 4 BU
7* optical ST/ST
8* optical FC/FC
9* optical SC/SC

*The use of optical connectors is possible for enclosures with a standard size of 07.08.09.


Table 3 – Technical Characteristics

Parameter Unit
Temperature range, degrees centigrade -40…+70
Range of relative humidity of atmospheric air,% (with moisture condensation) 20…98
Atmospheric pressure, kPa 87,7…119,7
Overall dimensions, mm (see table 1) AA
Terminal blocks:   
- standard size В
- quantity XX
Cable inputs:  
- standard size М20, М25, М32
- quantity WW, Z, Y
Max. voltage of switched intrinsically safe circuits Ui:100В, Ii:7А; Li:0;Ci:0;
Protection against external influences according to GOST 14254 IP65
Protection against electric shock (according to GOST III
Weight, kg, not more 13
Average assigned service life, years, not less 7