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CARBOFit-400 respiratory equipment testing device
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The CARBOFit-400 device is designed to test the tightness of CARBO personal protective equipment, carried out in accordance with the operating manual of these self-rescuers, to make sure they are working and not critical damage, as well as in cases when the indicator changes colour to white or pink.

The use of CARBOFit-400 is mandatory when registering the CARBO self-rescuer, when carrying out technical inspections, as well as during operation.


  • Fast air-tightness test time
  • Easy installation and regular maintenance 
  • Complete set with oil pressure gauge 
  • Calibration tools available 
  • Available in two colours 

To buy CARBOFit-400 you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics
Working pressure created in the chamber, kPa (mbar) 5±0,2 (50±2)
Pressure measuring range, kPa (mbar) (0-6); (0-60)
Pressure gauge accuracy class 1,6
Overall Dimensions, mm
- height 325
- length 520
- width 400
Weight, kg 9,5