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Self-rescuer SPI-20M
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Self-rescuer fire insulating SPI-20M manufactured by LLC "YuZSO"

The SPI-20M insulating fire self-rescuer is the most modern means of personal respiratory protection with chemically bound oxygen. 

SPI-20M is designed to protect the respiratory system, eyes and skin of the human head from combustion products, toxic gases and other emergency chemically hazardous substances during evacuation from high-rise buildings, residential buildings, shopping malls, industrial enterprises, hospitals, boarding schools and other public facilities. people during fire and other emergencies.

SPI-20M fully protects the respiratory and visual organs of a person, isolating from the environment with a lack or complete absence of oxygen, as well as with a high content of hazardous chemicals, providing a person's breathing in an autonomous mode. Breathing oxygen does not come from the external environment, but is released inside the self-rescuer. 

Exclusive sealed packaging with a vacuum valve allows long-term storage of the self-rescuer in a state of full readiness for use without compromising protective performance. Light weight and dimensions of the product, as well as ergonomic packaging ensure ease of use.

SPI-20M is made of modern and high-quality materials that can withstand short-term exposure to an open flame with a temperature of 850 ° C. 

The design of the self-rescuer is simple, convenient and intuitive for the user. SPI-20M is equipped with a brightly colored protective cap that protects the human head from exposure to open flames. The cap is made using modern technologies (without gluing and stitching), which ensures complete tightness of the structure. The ergonomic half mask fits snugly to the person's face, provides comfortable conditions for use and negotiation.

The innovative design of the self-rescuer eliminates the need for external tightening belts, which complicate the design. A wide viewing window made of transparent and flexible material provides complete visual control of the environment during evacuation. 

The self-rescuer does not require prior training and allows people with a beard, mustache, voluminous hairstyle to use it, and also allows the use of personal corrective devices (glasses).


Protective action time:
— in standby mode (sitting) for at least 75 minutes 
— in medium load mode (walking) for at least 20 minutes 
— in heavy load mode (running) for at least 8 minutes 
Guaranteed shelf life 5,5 years
Product weight no more than 1.2 kg
The temperature of the inhaled gas-air mixture is not more than 50° C 
The volume fraction of oxygen in the inhaled gas-air mixture  is not less than 21% 
Operating temperature range from -20 to + 60° C 
Overall dimensions in packing (bag) 190х170х170 mm


According to its protective characteristics, SPI-20M meets the requirements:

  • Technical regulations on fire safety requirements (Federal Law of 22.07.2008 No. 123-FZ) in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 53260-2009 “Fire equipment. Self-rescuers insulating with chemically bound oxygen to protect people from toxic combustion products during evacuation from smoky premises during a fire. General technical requirements. Test methods ". 
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 019/2011 "On the safety of personal protective equipment." 
  • The quality and safety of products are confirmed by certificates of conformity.