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Charging station START
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The charging station is designed for automatic charging of Li-Ion and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries with a nominal voltage of 3.6 V for mine headlights and methane alarms that have the function of disconnecting the rechargeable battery at the end of the charge. 

Charging stations START-01, START-01.1 are equipped with charging panels with connectors (plugs) for connecting SGG-10 lamps and SPUTNIK methane alarms; 

Charging stations START-02, START-02.1 are equipped with panels with terminal blocks for connecting devices SGG-9, SGG-9RM, SMS-8 and SMS-8RM through the headlight. 

To buy a START charging station, you need to contact the managers.

Technical Characteristics
  Protection against external influences IP20 in accordance with GOST 14254
Maximum number of simultaneously charged devices
- START-01  96 devices SGG-10 or SPUTNIK
- START-01.1 48 devices SGG-10 or SPUTNIK
- START-02 72 devices SGG-9 or SMS-7M
Rated voltage of a single-phase network  220 V (+10; -15)%
Mains frequency  (50 ± 0.5) Hz
Power consumption from the network (at full load START-01)  No more than 1200 VA
Terms of us
- ambient temperature  from + 5 to + 40 ºС
- relative humidity  80% at a temperature of 25 ° С
Overall dimensions of the body (rack)  no more than 2000 × 1220 × 520 mm
Weight No more than 160 kg