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Charger ZU-2
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The chargers are designed to charge lithium-polymer storage batteries with a rated voltage of 3.7 V installed in SPUTNIK-1M gas analyzers. 

ZU-2 is an individual charger for SPUTNIK-1M gas analyzers. 

To buy the ZU-2 Charger, you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics
Output voltage 4,9 V
Rated charge current 1,0 A
Supply voltage 220 (+22; -33) V
Frequency (50 ±1) Hz
Power consumed from the supply circuit No less 7 V•А
Charging cord length 1,5 m
Electric shock protection class Class II according to GOST
Working conditions of use
- ambient temperature from 10 to 35 ºС
- relative humidity Up to 90 % at a temperature 25 ºС
Overall dimensions 44 × 77 × 74 mm
Overall dimensions 170 g