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Automated charging station AZS-3-45
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The automatic charging station AZS-3-54 is designed to charge storage batteries used in mine lamps and gas analyzers of various types. 

The station is equipped with an RS-485 interface, which allows both to connect the station directly to a personal computer and to connect all such stations into a system with a single operator's workstation. The “Gas Station-3-54 Dispatcher” software installed at the operator's workplace allows full control over the charge of the lamp or gas analyzer, that is, for each charging cell, adjust the charge and discharge currents, charge time, transition voltage to charge, etc. and also receive all the necessary information about the charging process and the state of the battery. At the request of the customer, the system can collect one or another statistics on rechargeable lamps and gas analyzers.

The AZS-3-54 station is equipped with universal charging cells that automatically determine the type of battery installed in the device when starting the charging cycle. 

The two-line LCD, installed on each of the cells, displays all information about the mode on the state of the battery during charging - battery type, charging time, battery voltage, charging or discharging current, as well as diagnostics of the battery status.

The station can be manufactured as an independent product, or supplied in the form of separate cassettes for the modernization of operated charging stations of the "Charge-2" type. 

To buy an automatic charging station AZS-3-54, you need to contact the managers.