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DEZEGA: launch of a new product for collective protection of the population

The DEZEGA company, known in the international arena as a leader in the development and manufacture of personal respiratory protective equipment (RPE), announced the launch of a new product on the market - respiratory protective equipment.

This is equipment for protective engineering structures, which is used in many armies of the world, as well as in industrial facilities and in civil defense structures.

There is a need in the world for modern filtering and ventilation units (FVU) and filters for them, since most of the equipment is outdated and requires replacement. There are still a lot of Soviet-style FVUs, which were equipped with Russian, Czech and Polish cartridges and require urgent replacement.

The specialists of the DEZEGA R&D center have developed, are preparing to master serial production and launch the certification procedure for a line of filters in several markets. Such filters are used in air-cleaning and ventilation systems of civil defense shelters and shelters, special premises of the Ministries of Defense and other protective structures to absorb carbon dioxide in a complete isolation mode with the regeneration of internal air, purify the air from toxic substances, radioactive dust and bacterial aerosols. DEZEGA has achieved a number of competitive advantages thanks to the use of a more efficient sorbent - an in-house development of the company's R&D center, which is produced at one of the enterprises belonging to the DEZEGA group.

“The company is actively developing, developing new equipment and services, while expanding the scope of applications and industries. We are constantly modernizing and improving our RPE products. We are also expanding our assortment and diversifying our product line. We have deep knowledge and competence, half a century of experience and developments in the field of personal respiratory protection. Of course, we used these competencies to develop collective protective equipment. Every company must meet the needs of its industry, adapt and change strategic priorities, make the right decisions quickly, and anticipate industry trends. We do not just synchronize with the market, but set the development vector and possible areas of application. Respiratory protective equipment is a new direction for us, but we do not plan to stop there. We have something to strive for” – emphasized Yuri Spivak, Development Director of DEZEGA.