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Self-rescuer mine insulating on chemically bound oxygen CARBO-70
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Self-rescuer CARBO-70 is an individual breathing device for evacuation on chemically bound oxygen with a closed breathing circuit for waist and shoulder wear, designed to protect the respiratory system during evacuation of personnel from an unbreathable atmosphere containing smoke, hazardous gases, as well as in case of insufficient oxygen. Designed to be worn at all times, as well as stored at switching points on exit routes.

Self-rescuer of the new generation CARBO-70, which implements the most modern and safe solutions that provide miners with oxygen for at least 70 minutes during active evacuation with a margin and give the maximum level of comfort and reliability both during daily wear and after switching on.

The self-rescuer complies with the requirements of GOST 12.4.292: 2015 and the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On the safety of personal protective equipment" (TR CU 019/2011).

Scope of application - industries where there is a risk of formation of an atmosphere unsuitable for breathing, including for underground use.

Self-rescuer CARBO-70 can be worn both on the waist and shoulder belts.

To buy a self-rescuer mine insulating on chemically bound oxygen CARBO-70, you need to contact the managers.

Technical Specifications

1. Protective action time, in accordance with GOST 12.4.292: 2015 and TR CU 019/2011:
  - with pulmonary ventilation 10 l / min, min, not less 210
  - nominal at pulmonary ventilation 35 l / min, min, not less 70
  - with pulmonary ventilation 70 l / min, min, not less 21
2. Resistance to breathing during inhalation or exhalation during protective action time with pulmonary ventilation, Pa, no more:
  35 l/min 980
  70 l/min 1960
3. Inhaled gas mixture temperature, ° С, no more 45
4. The volume fraction of oxygen in the inhaled gas mixture during SDM, %, not less 21
5. Maximum fraction of carbon dioxide in the inhaled gas mixture,%, not more 3,0
6. Average volume fraction of carbon dioxide in the inhaled gas mixture during the nominal protective action time,%, not more 1,5
7. Overall dimensions (without waist and shoulder belts or bags), mm:
  Width 215
  Height 227
  Depth 106
8. Weight, kg, not more 2,8±0,1
9. Operating temperature °C: From -20 to +60
10. Permissible relative humidity (at + 35 ° С) during operation and storage, % Up to 100
11. The assigned service life of the self-rescuer (from the date of commissioning to decommissioning), years 5
12. The assigned shelf life of the self-rescuer (from the date of manufacture to write-off), years 7
13. Warranty service life, from the date of commissioning, months 12