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Respiratory equipment checker (REC) is designed to test the parameters of regenerative self-contained breathing devices (hereinafter referred to as respirators), isolating panoramic masks and artificial lung ventilation devices, intended for use in units operating or servicing breathing devices. 

With the help of REC produce:

  • testing oxygen breathing device; checking panoramic masks; 
  • checking the parameters of the GS-10 type artificial lung ventilation device;

The device allows you to check:

  • tightness of the equipment airway system; 
  • tightness of panoramic masks at vacuum pressure; 
  • constant oxygen supply by the respirator reducer; 
  • emergency oxygen supply by the emergency valve of the respirator; 
  • pressure at which the excess valve of the respirator is activated; 
  • the pressure at which the respirator lung demand valve operates; 
  • lung demand valve respirator performance; minimum and maximum inhalation pressure of the GS-10 device;
  • inspiration time and expiration time of the GS-10 device; 
  • the duration of the GS-10 device in the mode of artificial lung ventilation; discharge pressure of the inhalation device of the GS-10 device; 
  • the productivity of the inhalation device of the GS-10 device.

DEZEGA CheckUp REC-2 breathing device testing device passed:

  • conformity assessment by testing in an accredited laboratory "Research Center of FSUE" VNIIFTRI "and a safety testing laboratory of technical means" VNIIFTRI-TEST "for compliance with the mandatory requirements of regulatory documents confirming compliance with TR CU 020/2011 and TR CU 004/2011; 
  • verification of compliance in the certification body of measuring instruments, medical equipment and electrical equipment "VNIIFTRI-TEST";
  • registration of the declaration of conformity in the Unified Register of issued certificates of conformity and registered declarations of conformity (registration number of the EAEU declaration N RU D-RU.M.L06.V.00014 / 18).

 REC is quite mobile, has the following dimensions and weight:

Parameter Unit

Overall dimensions, sm








Weight 13 kg
Power supply 220V
Maximum power consumption No more than  230 W


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