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Device for air-tightness control DEZEGA PGS-2
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Device for air-tightness control of self-rescuers DEZEGA shoulder-type wearing: 1PVM KS, SSS-1PV KS, ShSS-1P KS, ShSS-1M, GORNYAK S-60MP1, GORNYAK-2 S-70MP1.


  • Fast air-tightness test time
  • Easy installation and regular maintenance
  • High precision pressure drop measurement

To buy DEZEGA PGS-2, you need to contact the managers.

Technical characteristics 
Working pressure created in the chamber, kPa (mbar) 5±0,2 (50±2)
Pressure measuring range, kPa (mbar)  (0-6); (0-60)
Pressure gauge accuracy class 1,6
Overall Dimensions, mm
- height 360±6
- length 542±5
- width  400±2
Weight, kg, no more than 7,0