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Filter Self-Rescuer GDZK “Garant-1”
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Filter self-rescuer "Gas and smoke protection set" Garant-1"(GDZK" Garant-1 ")

Gas and spoke protection kit “Garant-1” is a filtering device for personal protection of the respiratory and visual organs of a person for evacuation from buildings and structures in the event of a fire or other emergency of a natural or man-made nature (including terrorist acts) associated with the release of toxic combustion products into the surrounding atmosphere and other hazardous chemicals and aerosols.

Gas and spoke protection kit "Garant-1" is used for the safe evacuation of employees and visitors from administrative buildings, medical and educational institutions, as well as from any other institutions with a massive presence of people (shopping centers, hotels, hostels, offices, apartments, etc.). It is also used for safe evacuation from any type of transport, including the subway and railway facilities. 

The filter self-rescuer can only be used in an environment with an oxygen content of at least 17% by volume!

Gas and spoke protection kit "Garant-1" is simple, intuitive to use and does not require prior training. It has one universal size and can be used by people over 12 years old, including those with a beard, mustache, voluminous hairstyle, and also allows you to use personal corrective devices (glasses).

Gas and spoke protection kit "Garant-1" is manufactured using modern technologies, which ensures its high protective characteristics. The self-rescuer is equipped with a bright-colored hood with reflective elements that protect the human head during short-term exposure to an open flame with a temperature of up to 850 degrees centigrade. The ergonomic half mask fits snugly to the person's face, providing a comfortable environment for use and negotiation without the use of forced tensioning systems that cause blinding and complicate the design of the self-rescuer. A wide viewing window made of transparent and flexible material provides complete visual control of the environment during evacuation. The unique valve system provides minimal breathing resistance and the lowest (among similar products) CO2 content in the under mask space, which eliminates the deterioration of the user's well-being during the use of the self-rescuer.

Time of protective action not less than 30 minutes 
The guaranteed shelf life is at least 5 years 
Working part weight no more than 0.8 kg
Dimensions in packing (bag) 180 х125х125 mm.


In terms of protective characteristics, Garant-1 GDZK meets the requirements:

  • Technical regulations on fire safety requirements (Federal Law of 22.07.2008 No. 123-FZ) in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 53261-2009 “Fire equipment. Filtering self-rescuers to protect people from toxic combustion products during evacuation from smoky premises during a fire. General technical requirements. Test methods." 
  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union TR CU 019/2011 "On the safety of personal protective equipment"
  • The quality and safety of products are confirmed by certificates of conformity